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The Hilma Gift Guide

Everyone on your list deserves that #GETBETTERFEELING (especially you!)

Digestive Essentials

For someone who who loves yummy food—but it does not always love them back.

Includes: Gas + Bloat Relief (Back in Stock!), Upset Stomach Relief, Stomach Reset

Outdoor Essentials

For someone who is always on the go and needs to stay prepared.

Includes: Indoor/Outdoor Support, Tension Relief, Upset Stomach Relief, Hilma x Cadence Capsules

Recovery Bundle

For someone who loves a night out, but struggles the next morning.

Includes: Stomach Reset, Tension Relief, Hilma x Stojo Bottle

Immune Essentials

For someone who is always under the weather.

Includes: Respiratory Support, Immune Support, & Elderberry Immune Gummy

De-Stress Bundle

For someone who is always stressed and needs to slow down focus on self-care.

Includes: Tension Relief, De-Stress Tea, De-Stress Candle

Period Essentials

For someone who could use some extra support during that time of the month.

Includes: Gas + Bloat Relief, Tension Relief, FREE Hero Mighty Patch


We have pledged a portion of all holiday sales to The Loveland Foundation, which provides opportunities for sustainable healing for communities of color.

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