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Don’t see your question here? Please email us at hello@hilma.co with any question, concern, or service we can assist you with. Our service hours are 9am-8pm EST Monday to Friday and 12pm-5pm EST Saturday and Sunday. Please allow 24 hours for a reply.

About Us

What is Hilma?
Hilma is helping you bring clean labels to your medicine cabinet with natural remedies, backed by science. Hilma's products are free of dyes and fillers, and have <1g of sugar. All of our products are scientifically backed and tested, which is why we call them “clinical herbals”. We only use ingredients that have been clinically substantiated, and we also run our own clinical research on each of our products. We use ingredients that have worked for thousands of years, but we formulate only when the science agrees. Read more on Our Story.
How was Hilma started?
Hilma was born out of our founders’ search for natural remedies that they could trust. They wanted options that were accessible, scientifically rigorous, and manufactured with quality and transparency in mind. While their homes were full of beauty and personal care products that were natural, they noticed an inconsistency in their medicine cabinets. The legacy over-the-counter products had the dyes, fillers and sugars that they were trying to avoid, and generally didn’t feel like the best choice. However, the natural options weren’t easy to access; they were confusing or intimidating to use, some were not grounded in scientific research, and others did not provide the quality in sourcing and manufacturing that they’d learned to expect. Often, the best natural options were not available in places they shopped, or required a healthcare professional to help navigate the clutter with a trustworthy recommendation. Together, they were inspired to find a solution that allowed them to feel better in a better way. They spent over two years researching, found highly respected doctors and scientists to come along for the journey, and have now built a natural brand with a rigorous scientific standard that brings clarity to a category that is long overdue for a change. Every day, Hilma strives to make the most effective natural remedies and become the new standard for the way people get back on their feet.

Purchase & Cancellation Information

Where can I buy Hilma products?
You can shop all of our products online here for one time or subscription order, and in select retail locations, which you can see on our Find Us page.
How can I change or cancel an order?
If you need to change or cancel your order, please email us at hello@hilma.coWe will try to make any changes to your order, but a revision is not guaranteed depending on if fulfillment has started. We will honor any change or cancellation requests within an hour of when the order was placed.
What forms of payment does Hilma accept?
Hilma accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We also offer payment via PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. We do not store or have access to the card information in your account.
I'm having an issue checking out.
So sorry about that! This can happen for a variety of reasons, and the best thing to try first is checking out from a different browser or device. If you’re still having trouble, shoot us an email at hello@hilma.co with details about what exactly is happening and we’ll help!

Account Management & Subscriptions

How do subscriptions work?
Subscriptions are delivered every other month. You’ll get 10% off every subscription order, inclusive of shipping and tax, and you’ll never be out of stock! Win, win, and no more last minute runs to the store.
How do I manage my account information and/or subscription?
You can manage all of your account details from your Account page. If you are a subscriber, you can also edit your information there and cancel or skip a delivery at any time.
I forgot my password!
If you have forgotten your password, you can visit the Account page to request a reset.


Where do you ship?
We ship to all 50 US states to USPS-verified addresses, as well as addresses in US territories that are verified.
Do you ship internationally?
We don't yet ship internationally, but hopefully we will someday! Make sure to follow us at @hilma_co for updates.
Do you ship to military addresses?
Yes! Email us at hello@hilma.co if you have any trouble inputting yours at checkout and we'll get you set up.
How long does shipping take?
We typically give orders 4-9 business days to ship. Note that this is after ~48 hours for order processing from the time you place your order. Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, and military addresses often have longer ship times (10-14 days). If you have an urgent matter, please reach out to hello@hilma.co and we will see how we can help.
Can I expedite my shipping?
We are not offering expedited shipping at this time. If you have an urgent matter, please reach out to hello@hilma.co and we will see how we can help.
I received my tracking number but there aren't any updates—is it still on the way?
Rest assured your products are en route! Tracking updates can be slightly delayed due to high volumes, but you should see updates within 2 business days.
My package was marked as delivered, but never arrived—is it lost?
Sometimes there may be a delivery hiccup, which we know can be frustrating. This is usually resolved by the carrier and your package should arrive within the next few days. In the meantime, if you're able to safely check with your neighbors and/or mail carrier, they may have more information. Otherwise, we're happy to help. 


Do you sell gift cards or gift certificates?
We currently do not offer gift cards or certificates, but we encourage you to gift Hilma by entering the recipient’s information in the "Ship To" section during checkout. Please note: We do not include invoices with orders, so no need to worry about a bill being included with your gift shipment.

General Product Questions

What is your “no list” and why is it important?
Our ‘no list’ is important because there are many ingredients on the market that are allowed to legally be in our products, but they don't meet our standards for quality. We have leaned on the research of organizations such as The Environmental Working Group, as well as on our team of scientific advisors to help inform what we keep out of our products. There are over 40 types of ingredients on our ‘No list’ including talc, stearates (which inhibit your body’s absorption of nutrients), and many others. See our No List here. In addition to our ‘no list’, we commit to all of our products being: Non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, <1g sugar, vegan, gluten-free, and not tested on animals. Note that our products do not contain milk, egg, soy, or tree nuts. They are packaged in a shared cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility that also produces products with those allergens.
What makes it different from other natural products?
Hilma is an herbal supplement. Compared to other natural products on the market, we focus on bringing you the most scientifically supported products while also eliminating unnecessary artificial dyes, sweeteners, and preservatives and best-in-class manufacturing processes. Our product development process leans heavily on science. This focus on science differentiates us from other herbal and natural products, thus creating a new standard for herbals--the Clinical Herbal. This means, we only use ingredients that have been clinically researched, we co-formulate with our scientific advisory board to reinforce choices and claims, and we do our own research with consumers in clinical studies in order to prove efficacy
How does Hilma manufacture its products?
We have strict manufacturing requirements of all our manufacturing partners--each partner must be certified and regularly audited by industry experts. We are a proud member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the leading trade organization in our space. CRN promotes the responsible development of supplements and functional foods, as well as provides guidance on best practices for manufacturing products to the highest standard. 
Where is Hilma made?
Hilma products are all manufactured in the US. We source our ingredients from the highest quality sources from around the world, so we have a combination of US and international sources based on the best location for the ingredient.
Are your products vegetarian and vegan?
Are your products organic?
We source organic ingredients in our products whenever it is a superior ingredient and available, and many of our ingredients are organic. However, our full product is not certified organic for two main reasons: 1) certain herbs or herb forms are not available in an organic form, and therefore we would not be able to include key ingredients that make our products effective, despite there being incredibly high quality, pesticide-free, sources out there. And 2) the main reason behind buying organic is to avoid certain pesticides, and we ask our raw materials suppliers for their pesticide testing on all ingredients going into the product, organic or not, to ensure it is of the highest quality.
Are your products non-GMO?
Yes, all of our products are non-GMO.
Are your products Kosher?
Our ingredients are all Kosher but our full products are not blessed and therefore are not Kosher.
Are your products gluten free?
All of our products -- except Dairy + Gluten Digestive Aid -- are gluten free, but they are not yet certified by a 3rd party organization (e.g., Certified Gluten Free) due to the expense and lengthy time processes associated with that. We hope to invest in that in the future but as a small business it has not been a priority yet. In the meantime, we collect gluten free testing and statements from every single raw material in our product and our products go through testing for any trace amounts of gluten and therefore we know they do not, in fact, have any gluten!
What certifications does your facility have?
All of our manufacturers are regularly NSF audited and cGMP certified.
Is your packaging recyclable?
All our packaging is 100% recyclable. Please recycle it! Our environmental impact is important to us, and we are reducing our impact by purchasing carbon offsets to cover both our manufacturing footprint as well as our team’s footprint. You can read more about that on Our Story. We are working towards exciting evolution of our sustainable packaging program as well--stay tuned for updates!

Product Research & Testing

Where do you do your research?
Our clinical research is run in the United States, led by an expert in the clinical field who has run trials for top pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
How do you test your products?
We have a minimum of four rounds of testing required during the production process to ensure you are getting the best possible product delivered. 1) Raw materials testing, 2) In-process testing, 3) Finished product testing, 4) Stability testing. Our raw materials are all tested by reputable third-party labs (to ensure no bias in testing results or practices).
Is it tested on animals?
We never test our products on animals.

Product Usage

Can I use this while pregnant?
There is not enough research on each individual ingredient in our product tested on a pregnant population to say one way or the other if it is pregnancy safe. Please check with your doctor before using.
Can I use this while nursing?
There is not enough research on each individual ingredient in our product tested on a nursing population to say one way or the other if it is nursing safe. Please check with your doctor before using.
Can I give this to my kids?
Our products are formulated for adults aged 18 and older.
Can I take your products every day?
All of our products can be used daily, to help support an ongoing need, or sporadically, to relieve occasional discomfort. Please refer to the directions for use for specific guidance.
Do I need to take this with food?
Though not necessary, our products are best taken with food. For Upset Stomach Relief, though not necessary, it is best taken at the start or before a meal. Please refer to the product pages for directions for use.
What is the shelf life?
Our products are best used within 2 years of purchase. Please refer to the expiration date on your package.
Can I take your products with drugs/medications?
Please check with your doctor before adding to your routine.
Do these interact with alcohol?

Contact Us

Press inquiries? Collaborations? Want to carry us? 
Please reach out to us at hello@hilma.co, and we'll make sure to get back to you in 24 hours. If you're a practitioner and want to provide Hilma to your patients, please refer to our Practitioner Program overview.
Are you hiring?
The best place to find out is on our LinkedIn page. If there’s not a job there you want, write us a job description for your dream job and send to careers@hilma.co!

Security & Privacy

Please reference our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Should you have additional questions, email us at hello@hilma.co.

Returns & Exchanges

We stand by our products and if you don't completely love them, please let us know by emailing hello@hilma.co within 14 days of delivery and we'll give you a full refund.* Note that depending on the day, it may take up to 24 hours to receive a response.
If you purchased Hilma products at a retail location, they must be returned to the place of purchase. Hilma is not able to accept returns and/or refund customers who attempt to return a retail purchase through our website.
* This policy applies to ingestibles only. Merch and limited-edition collaborations are final sale and cannot be returned.  
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