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An Intro to Pre + Probiotics

The Cabinet — 12.04.23

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A probiotic consists of live microorganisms friendly to the gut while a prebiotic is food for those good gut bacteria. Prebiotics are traditionally fiber while probiotics are the bacteria that often start with “Lactobacillus” or “Bifidobacterium”. Probiotics and prebiotics work together to help the gut function effectively, allowing the good bacteria in our guts to thrive while crowding out harmful bacteria. And gut health is essential from not only limiting disruptive symptoms of constipation and bloating, to also clear skin and a supportive immune system. (1)

What does a pre probiotic do?

A pre probiotic helps provide those beneficial bacteria and the food for them directly into the gut. The inclusion of prebiotics helps ensure the probiotic bacteria stick around the gut.1 If there is insufficient food, the new bacteria will die and you will have taken the probiotic for nothing.  

Is it good to take pre and probiotics everyday?

Probiotics every day can act sort of like insurance. You can’t “out supplement” a poor diet, and that statement applies to probiotics. However, pre and probiotic supplements can help ensure that your gut is provided with a base of protection. Similar to insurance, a probiotic supplement could help provide that extra support that your body may benefit from when you are stressed, exposed to a virus, or traveling. And that additional support might be enough to prevent you being stuck on the toilet or feeling uncomfortably bloated, the way those disruptors would normally cause you.

What are the signs you need pre and probiotics?

Signs that your gut needs additional pre and probiotics include all sorts of digestive issues, including irregular bowel movements and bloating, to even repeated colds. (2) If you always seem to be catching a cold, you may have a weakened immune system. And proper gut health can be essential to immune strength. Have you ever been told to eat garlic and onions? Well, those are prebiotic-rich foods!


This information is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult a physician before treating any disorder.

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