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What's In Your Medicine Cabinet: Erin Jones

The Cabinet — 09.07.19
by Elena Sheppard

An image of Erin Jones


For the last four years, Erin Claire Jones has been fascinated by Human Design. For those who haven’t heard of it before, Human Design is a system based on your exact time, date, and location of birth, which uses that information to create a map that shows how energy moves in you body. “I would put it in the bucket of Myers Briggs and StrengthsFinder and the Disc," Erin explains. “I work with individuals, partnerships, and teams,” she says of how she coaches people using the method. “You come into this life without an operating manual and Human Design actually gives us that manual.”

To do a job like this it is critical for Erin to be in tune with not just others, but with herself and her own body as well. “My biggest work is in listening to my body,” she says. So what does a woman so self aware keep in her medicine cabinet to self optimize? Erin welcomed Hilma in to find out.

Erin’s medicine cabinet.

There are a lot of supplements in my medicine cabinet and they’re often supplements geared toward my liver, kidney, or adrenals as well as probiotics that I take daily. It’s all herbal and I've recently fallen in love with Organic Olivia products. Charcoal is of something I take at night to support digestion. Because I’m also anemic, I take iron as well.

Her philosophy on health and wellness.

I have always taken very good care of myself in terms of sleeping enough and having consistent practices of self care. Kundalini and meditation are big ones for me. Kundalini involves breathing, and meditation, and mantra, and people wear all white. I used to think it was totally nuts until I started doing it and was like, this is amazing and makes me feel great. That’s a practice that I do every morning as well as two 20-minute meditations throughout the day. With health, I’ve had issues with my tummy in the past, and migraines, and I’ve always struggled a little bit with knowing how to resolve those things for good.

The product she swears by.

Probiotics! They’ve made such a big difference to me. Currently using Organic Olivia's probiotics.

How she manages her chronic health issues.

With migraines I often just need to lie down and stop everything I'm doing. I get scintillating vision where I’ll be looking at someone and all of a sudden I can’t see and have these weird stars in my field of vision. Sometimes I take Advil, which I don't like doing, but it helps. I usually just have to just step back and chill. I’ve noticed the migraines happen in certain periods of my life—if I’m feeling too stressed, or eating too much sugar. With the digestion and tummy stuff, probiotics have helped but it's mostly all about the food that I’m eating. When I’m making my own, I feel great, but when I’m not making my own food and don’t know the stuff that’s going into it, I just have a very sensitive belly and I react very strongly.

Other natural products she loves.

I care whether a product is natural, and I’m sure there’s stuff in my house that’s not 100% natural, but it’s like with food: ingredients really matter. It's important for me to look at things and be able to understand everything that’s in it. There is a cleaning product Supernatural which I love and is made of essential oils. It's made cleaning so much more fun because I love my whole house smelling like it. I love Tata Harper for all skincare. She makes her products in Vermont and they're beautiful and clean.

Who she turns to for holistic advice.

I’ve found the Medical Medium helpful in the past. Alexandra Cousins from Living Mucus Free has been very helpful and directed me to a lot of the supplements I take, like the charcoal at night, and they’ve actually worked very well for me. Organic Olivia is a new fav.

A phrase or mantra she falls back on when it comes to her health.

I’ve gotten very wrapped up in like, “oh, I want to try this diet,” or “I want to do this juice cleanse,” but sometimes that’s not what my body needs. What I’ve been discovering recently is my body actually does need carbs and easy-to-digest food. I’ve been realizing, oh it actually does feel really good to eat these things even though they don’t always fit in my mental picture of what’s right for me.

And in general, if I get a migraine or something like that, I try to ask: What was I doing before this? What was I feeling and what conversation was I having? Oftentimes it is moments of no resolution or stress when my body will react. The mantra for me is always listening, and always checking in, and just trying to learn whatever there is to learn.

This interview has been edited and condensed.
This information is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult a physician before treating any disorder.

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