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Lily Harris's Gut-Friendly Sweet Potato Bowl

The Cabinet — 12.02.22
by Team Hilma


We love this soothing, herb-forward dish --created by nutritionist Lily Harris -- instead of a traditional sugary sweet potato casserole this season. It's packed with gut-soothing ingredients like fennel and lemon, which have been proven to reduce bloating and soothe GI cramping.  

Makes 4 servings. 


-3 tbsp avocado oil

-2 tbsp red wine vinegar

-1 tbsp lemon juice

-Salt & pepper, to taste

-1 fennel bulb, bottom & fronds removed & bulb cut into half-moons

-1 red onion, peeled & quartered

-3 sweet potatoes, peeled & cut into thin half-moons (roughly 1lb)

-2 bell peppers (preferably red, orange, or yellow), cut into 1/2" strips

-1.5tsp fennel seeds

-Pinch of red pepper flakes

-Any fresh herbs you'd like: Chopped parsley, scallions, chives, reserved fennel fronds, etc.


-Preheat oven to 400F.

-In a large mixing bowl, whisk together your dressing using avocado oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, & pepper to taste.

-Add cut fennel, red onion, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, fennel seeds, & a pinch of red pepper flakes to the bowl. Mix to evenly coat in the dressing. 

-Arrange on a large parchment lined baking sheet & roast for 30 minutes.

-Remove from the oven, flip, & roast for another 30 minutes.

-Taste & adjust seasoning as you wish with red wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, or pepper. Serve in a large shareable dish & top with fresh green herbs of your choice. Here I have chopped scallions & reserved fennel fronds.

Follow Lily on IG at @lilyfeedsyou

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