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Inside Gabrielle Rizzo's Medicine Cabinet

The Cabinet — 08.17.20
by Hilma Team

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We spoke to our friend @gabrielle.rizzo, content creator, social media strategist, and wellness aficionado about her healthy routines and rituals.

Tell us about your healthy habits.

They are always evolving, but here are ones I naturally gravitate towards: 

What is your go-to daily health routine?

I'm heading into my 5th month at home and I'm still making adjustments to my daily routines. With that said, I usually lean on a routine like this: AM water to rehydrate, a quiet moment to read (currently: The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett), a walk around my apartment to stretch, followed by a matcha tonic and vitamins (Immune Support, SuperYou and Seed's daily synbiotic). Then, mid work day, I'll head out for a run to re-set. Whatever my routine is, I've become quite protective of my mornings because I've learned to treasure them. It's a time I never really connected with and now I've reframed it as the part of my day where I have romanticized my daily rituals.

What is your sleep routine? 

I usually unwind with an episode or two of whatever I'm making my way through on Netflix and it is lights out by 10:30pm. If I'm feeling particularly anxious, sometimes I'll lean on CBD tea to soothe me.

What does supporting your immune system mean to you? 

If we know "there's no planet B," then the same energy applies in caring for our bodies and each other. Supporting my immune system means listening to my body, taking care of others, remembering balance and washing my hands.

Who in your life has had the greatest impact on your health? 

A former mentor. As a woman, she imparted that self-care is necessary. We heal for ourselves first, so we can care for others.

An image of Gabrielle Rizzo

How has your attitude towards your health and wellness evolved over time? 

That there's no one-size-fits all journey.

What is your favorite natural ingredient and why?

Ginger! It's a multi-functional superfood and I love the heat of it. It's my favorite on its own.

#MySupportSystem is: my community.

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