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Inside Sian Fujikawa's Medicine Cabinet

The Cabinet — 08.17.20
by Hilma Team


Sian Fujikawa, founder of Love Yoga, takes us through some immune-supporting yoga poses you can try at home, and how she’s staying healthy in quarantine.

What are your go-to yoga poses for supporting your immune system? 

When my immune system feels taxed I do some restorative twists to wring out and detoxify the organs. My favorite is a supine twist. Lie on your back, bend your right knee and cross over to the left side. Reach your right arm away from you and turn your head to the right. Take 10 deep breaths into your lower back and then repeat on the other side. 


What is your daily health routine?

I stay away from sugar, alcohol and gluten and spend as much time in the ocean and nature as I can.

What does supporting your immune system mean to you? 

I tend to see food as nourishment and fuel for my body rather than a source to fill my stomach so I rarely eat anything that isn't good for me.  I believe the way you eat should support your immunity needs.

Who in your life has had the greatest impact on your health and why? 

Probably my mom. She was way ahead of her time and raised us vegetarian. She cooked a lot, resisted western medicine whenever possible and taught us a lot about health and nutrition.

How has your attitude towards your health and wellness evolved over time? 

 It's a lot easier to take care of yourself as you get older. There are less late nights and your idea of a good time evolves from late night parties and drinking to a hike with friends on the weekend.

What is your favorite natural ingredient and why?  

Nettles! I make a big pot of nettle tea every morning and drink it all day like water.

#MySupportSystem is: my friends. 

Quarantine has really taught me how much I value being around people I love. I can actually feel a boost in my immune system now when I see my friends.

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