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What's In Your Medicine Cabinet: Sari Sloane

The Cabinet — 08.13.19
by Elena Sheppard

Former Fashion Director of Intermix and current owner of the boutiques Everafter and The Westside, Sari Sloane knows a thing or two (or three) about the importance of feeling your best in order to do your best. Between running the day-to-day show at her businesses, staying on top trends in fashion, art, and beyond, and raising her three daughters, feeling good is not an option for Sari -- it’s a necessity. 

We sat down with her to learn how she turned her need to keep up with a demanding lifestyle into a wellness routine that fuels her and her family's life physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

On wellness

I am not this crazy person that restricts everything. Eighty percent of the time, I’m conscious of what I put in my body, how much sleep I’m getting, what I’m putting on my skin, etc. The key to life is feeling good, and if you want to feel good, you need to put things in and on your body that will help you stay healthy. But I am also a strong believer in moderation and finding whatever balancing act works for you, so that you can live this way for so long that you don’t even notice you’re doing it. Wellness, eating clean, looking young, and feeling energetic is all a lifestyle choice. 

On supplements

I love homeopathy and am very into supplements to stay healthy. I take Lypo-spheric vitamins every day, which my acupuncturist recommended to me to years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I take the Vitamin C Lypo-spheric packs daily; it’s so good for both the immune system and the skin. I also take a probiotic, CBD oil, and adaptogens regularly.

I believe that there’s no reason to take a multivitamin because wellness is not one-size-fits-all. I will take or do different things depending on my needs at the time. I take B12 and Sam-E in the winter, which have both been shown to help with seasonal affective disorder, and calcium-magnesium powder when I need to sleep. I’m not a big Tylenol or Advil person, I will take them as I try to address the root of the problem rather than use a quick fix for symptoms.

On relying on western medicine

I have a hyperthyroid issue I’ve been dealing with, which has come back after my second daughter was born. I’ve researched all different ways to heal this disorder naturally and have been taking a mixture of medicinal herbs that are supposed to calm the adrenals. But sometimes things in your life come up when you need to take a real medication and that’s okay! Just because you need to take a western medication doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong and it doesn’t mean that there aren’t also natural remedies you can supplement with. You never know what is going to work, so my philosophy is to do both! 

On natural beauty

I’m the type of person who would rather invest in products than facials. For beauty, I totally love oils and have switched over to all natural products over the past few years. I love Vintner's Daughter, Blue cocoon by May Lindstrom, anything Tata Harper, Rahua all natural for the hair, and I’ve been using Shu Uemera cleansing oil forever. I’m a believer that the key to looking younger and feeling better is oil! Oils on the face, coconut oil on the body, and taking essential oils regularly. The more dewey and oily the better.

On baths, yoga, and essential oils  

I love dry brushing to get rid of toxins, and am very big into baths! I see a homeopathic physician who comes to the city from Santa Fe a few times a year, and she has taught me to take these healing baths regularly. There are three that I take each month: sea salt and baking soda bath, apple cider vinegar bath (with literally a quart of ACV), and a clorox bath that takes out the radiation you get from airplanes, heavy metals, etc.  

I also love essential oils. I use this brand called Venus and Vetiver - all of their products are handmade in telluride and their oils are a game changer. For my kids I use lots of essential oils as natural remedies: lavender oil for sleep, rosemary oils in capsules when they’re starting to get sick, and lots of oils in the bath. It’s funny, my great grandma used to put mustard seed on everyone to help get rid of a cough, but I’ve personally never done it on my kids. Now im seeing it everywhere. It’s the new thing. 

I also have my level one yoga training and I practice yoga five times a week. I’ve had this practice for over five years now and the combination of meditation, breathing, physical movement, and sweat has actually changed my life. My goal now is to focus on my meditation practice and meditate more. 

On finding inspiration

I absolutely love to travel. Seeing different parts of the world and being in nature is when I feel my best and the most inspired -- for work and career and the store. I find inspiration traveling through different cultures from colors, textures to natural beauty.

Yoga practice is a great inspiration to me. When I go into my appointments with a clear mind, I can get a vision so much more clearly as to what direction we should go in, and this clarity requires me being healthy and grounded. I know it sounds simple but I try to enjoy life everyday. Even on days when the weather is bad or life feels hectic, I focus on staying grateful and this joy helps me stay creative.


This interview has been edited and condensed.

This information is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult a physician before treating any disorder.

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