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The Benefits of Chicory Root: History and Science Explained

The Cabinet — 04.03.24

You may have heard of chicory, but you may not know the fascinating health benefits of this humble root. 

At Hilma, where we blend the richness of nature with the rigor of science, chicory root stands out for its natural properties and compelling health benefits. And while it may not claim the spotlight in most health conversations, its contributions are worth noting. 

Interested in learning more? Read on as we dive deep into the benefits and science behind chicory root, revealing why it deserves a place in your wellness toolkit.

What Is Chicory Root?

Chicory is a vibrant blue flower from the dandelion family. You might recognize the root as the main ingredient in alternative coffee beverages, providing that familiar bitter taste. 

It even smells a bit like coffee, too! However, there is more to this root than just helping combat a coffee addiction, as it is packed with prebiotics that feed healthy gut bacteria. 

What Exactly Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are essentially the fuel for your gut's good bacteria. Think of them as a specialized form of dietary fiber that feeds the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system, helping them thrive and multiply. 

These unsung heroes play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, which in turn supports overall health and well-being. Prebiotics can be found in various foods, but chicory root is an especially rich source.

Where Does Chicory Root Come From? 

Chicory — scientifically known as Cichorium intybus L.— is native to Europe and Asia, with the word chicory derived from the French word “chicorée.” It has been cultivated since ancient Egypt, and French settlements brought the herb to the United States in the 17th and 18th centuries. 

During the Civil War, coffee bean shortages forced coffee consumers to mix chicory with coffee beans to extend the supply. Following the war, traditional coffee consumption returned. However, chicory made a lasting impact in New Orleans. 

Today, the chicory root remains a local flavor of New Orleans coffee. 

What’s the Science Behind Chicory Root?

The science behind chicory root is fascinating and quite straightforward when you get down to it. At its core, chicory root works its magic through a special component called inulin. 

This soluble fiber is not just any dietary fiber. Inulin has a unique ability to pass through the stomach and small intestine directly to the colon, where it nourishes the beneficial gut bacteria.

Once there, inulin is fermented, leading to the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). These SCFAs play a crucial role in nourishing colon cells, supporting a healthy gut lining, and even regulating metabolism and immune function. It’s this process that underpins many of the health conversations around chicory root.

Beyond inulin, chicory root is being studied for its diverse array of phenolic compounds, contributing to its antioxidant activity. These investigations are ongoing, but they suggest chicory could have a broader role in supporting bodily functions beyond digestion.

What Are the Benefits of Chicory Root?

Chicory root isn't just a prebiotic. It's packed with a range of benefits that cater to various aspects of health and wellness. 

Let's break down some of the key benefits this earthy root offers:

Supports Digestive Health

Rich in soluble fiber and prebiotic fiber, chicory root encourages a thriving gut microbiome. Its ability to foster beneficial gut bacteria aids in bowel regularity and reduces the occurrence of constipation. This seamless support for digestive health makes chicory root an integral part of maintaining a smooth and healthy digestive process.

Aids in Weight Management

Chicory root's high fiber content plays a crucial role in weight management strategies. By promoting a feeling of fullness, it helps manage appetite. As a caffeine-free option, it offers a sustainable way to support weight management goals without the need for stimulants.

Maintains Heart Health

The inulin in chicory root not only supports digestive health but also has potential benefits for heart health. It's been associated with supporting lipid metabolism, thereby helping to manage cholesterol levels.

Balances Blood Sugar Levels

Chicory root could offer supportive benefits for those monitoring their blood sugar levels. Its inulin content helps modulate glucose absorption, maintaining stable blood sugar levels. This is particularly significant for individuals managing or at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Enhances Nutrient Absorption

Chicory root doesn't just support gut health. It also supports the body's ability to absorb essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. This is thanks to the symbiotic relationship between the prebiotic fiber in chicory and probiotic bacteria in the gut, which facilitates more efficient mineral uptake.

How To Integrate Chicory Root Into Your Daily Routine

Embracing chicory root's benefits doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some simple yet effective ways to make this versatile root part of your health and wellness journey:

Morning Brew Swap

Start your day with a chicory root coffee. It’s a caffeine-free alternative to your morning cup that still satisfies that rich, full-bodied taste you love.

Smoothie Boost

Elevate your smoothies by adding a spoonful of ground chicory root. It blends well with both fruity and green smoothies, adding a nutritional punch without altering the taste significantly.

Baking Ingredient

Chicory root fiber can be a great addition to baked goods. Its subtle taste and nutritional benefits make it an excellent ingredient in bread, muffins, or even pancakes.

Salad Mix-In

For an extra crunch and a nutritional boost, sprinkle some chicory root into your salads. It’s not only high in dietary fiber but also potassium, vitamin C, and calcium, supporting bone health and blood pressure regulation.

Fiber-Rich Gummies

Not a fan of coffee or don't have time to cook? Try our Fiber Gummy, packed with chicory root fiber. It’s a delicious, convenient way to get your daily dose of prebiotic fiber, supporting digestive health with just a few tasty chews.

Herbal Teas

Chicory root makes a soothing herbal tea. Enjoy it after meals to aid digestion or in the evening as a relaxing beverage before bed. It can help soothe bloating and provide a calming effect.

Cooking Greens

Chicory leaves, especially from varieties like endive, can be cooked like spinach or kale. They add a slightly bitter yet interesting flavor to dishes, along with a boost of manganese, which is vital for bone health and metabolic function.

Supplement Your Diet

If you’re looking for a comprehensive approach to gut health, consider our Daily Pre + Probiotic + Herbs supplement. It combines the power of chicory root with other natural ingredients to support your digestive system, nutrient absorption, and a balanced gut microbiome.

Creative Culinary Experiments

Chicory root extract can be used to sweeten dishes without spiking your glucose levels, thanks to its inulin content. Experiment with it in your sauces, dressings, or even desserts for a healthier twist.

What To Keep in Mind Before Using Chicory Root

While chicory root offers a spectrum of health benefits, it’s wise to approach it with a bit of knowledge. First, if you have a sensitivity to dietary fiber or FODMAPs, start small. 

Chicory root is rich in inulin, which can cause bloating or discomfort for some. Also, those with specific health conditions or pregnant and breastfeeding individuals should consult healthcare professionals before integrating chicory root or any new supplement into their diets. 

It’s all about finding balance and ensuring chicory root enhances your wellness journey in the most beneficial way.


Here at Hilma, we offer paths to wellness that are grounded in real, tangible benefits. Chicory, with its deep roots in both history and nutritional science, exemplifies our mission perfectly. 

It’s not merely about the buzz around prebiotics or the latest health trends. It's about reconnecting with powerful ingredients found in nature and finding solutions that are as clean as they are effective. 

Whether you're reaching for a cup of chicory root coffee in the morning, snacking on fiber-rich gummies, or incorporating our Daily Pre + Probiotic + Herbs into your routine, you're taking a step toward holistic health, supported by the wisdom of nature and the clarity of science. 


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This information is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult a physician before treating any disorder. 

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