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What's In Your Medicine Cabinet: Albie Alexander

The Cabinet — 09.04.19
by Lily Galef

Albie Alexander

Albie Alexander is always building something new. With major career achievements under his belt—he is the creator of 29Rooms, Refinery29’s marquee immersive art experience—he’s moved from NYC to LA to open his own studio. There, he is “focused on building environments and spaces that bring people together for a collective experience, and give people the opportunity to connect with themselves and each other on a deeper level”.

These days, he’s focused on living a holistic lifestyle, communing with nature, and building those meaningful experiences. He sat down with Hilma to share his learnings on his journey to living a more conscious lifestyle, and what’s inspiring him right now.

Albie's philosophy on health & wellness.

I’m a very conscious eaterI try to be really thoughtful about what I’m putting into my body. Of course I cheat now and then, but for me it’s making sure that I am buying organic and buying ingredients to have in my home that I know are doing good for my body. I cook a lot and I love to be creative with ingredientsfrom locally grown california produce to morrocan spices and persian-inspired cuisine.

I also supplement with CBD and flower essences. Flower essences are very gentle and I’ll put them in my water for clarity and relief. Putting things into my body that are derived from plants is really important to me. Every day I try to take B12, Cod liver oil, zinc, probiotics, liver rescue from health force, and calcium.

His DIY ritual when he’s feeling sick.

My immune boost go-to is this amazing ginger and turmeric tea that I make. I call it my witches brew. I take a whole ginger root and turmeric root, and chop it up. Then I boil it in a big Le Creuset pot. I have that on the stove for a few days and continue adding water. If I’m really sick I’ll add lemon and honey, too, to make it feel more nourishing. I’ll also take oil of oregano and gargle with some teatree oil.

I’m not a drug person, though of course I will take them if I’m really in need. I really try to solve things on my own first.

How he personally deals with stress and anxiety. 

Breathing. I’ve gotten really into breathing recentlyit sounds obvious to say, but it really is so important to start your day by doing breathing exercises. It’s become integral to my routine. And you knowI’m not a guru over here, but I think that’s a good thing. I represent a lot of people in the world who are aware and present, and trying but also looking for resources.

When I’m struggling with stress or anxiety or just feeling upset, I always ask myself, how can I turn it into art? I try to take those feelings and turn them into something productive creatively through writing or journaling.

I’ve also learned that being on my own and closer to nature is crucial. Part of the motivation of my move to LA was that I wanted to be closer to nature, and that has really helped me.

What’s inspiring his creativity right now.

I’ve noticed a desire in others to have a more conscious mindset, in a time when we are overstimulated, when our mental health is being threatened by social media, and screen time is insane. We are living in a 24/7 news cycle and it's scary, but people really want to do better. They want to achieve a level of clarity and presence, and I find that desire and hope really inspiring.

And we have come such a long wayeven meditation 5 years ago was not taken seriously. More and more people are open to alternative methods of therapy, contemplative practices, and healing to get themselves to a point where they can respond to the world with presence and clarity. And joy! Joy is so important.

I’m very inspired by this idea of helping people to slow down, giving them a resource to be better and feel better in new ways.

I’ve also been very inspired by the Japanese concept of Shirin Yokoforest bathing. It’s about the healing properties of our connection to nature. I’ve realized that being in nature is so restorative. I’m living a life where I can slow down and connect with the world around me.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

This information is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult a physician before treating any disorder.

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