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What's In Your Medicine Cabinet: Annie Georgia Greenberg

The Cabinet — 09.09.19
by Elena Sheppard

Annie Georgia Greenberg is a woman on the move. When she caught up with Hilma she was in Savannah, Georgia, but just this past year she’s been to Nigeria, Japan, Jamaica, and the Philippines — and that’s only a partial list. 

Annie’s role as the supervising content producer at Refinery29 is largely what keeps her so nomadic, “I’ve always wanted to travel and it definitely makes my job and my life more interesting,” she says. Luckily, she works with her boyfriend which means they often find themselves hitting the road together. “We work really hard and sometimes we’re traveling and working 14-15 hour days back to back to back,” she says. “But the more I see of the world, the more I want to see of the world.” 

While Annie readily admits that natural remedies haven’t always been a part of her life, she has found herself lately becoming more curious about how to take a holistic approach to her routine. And at Hilma, we’re here to share real health and wellness stories — so Annie is a perfect fit. She gave a peek inside her travel dopp kit to show us what keeps her feeling her best no matter what time zone she’s in.  

Annie’s Dopp kit. 

In terms of the actual kit, it’s kind of embarrassing — I use whatever is available to me as a vessel. I used to use clutches and purses when I traveled for fashion weeks, because every item you can fit in your bag counts. I’d use purses as Dopp kits so I could then use the purse. Now it’s kind of anything goes, but everything has to be functional. I have a Dopp kit that’s kind of gross but it hangs on the back of the door of whatever hotel I’m in. When I arrive I unpack it in the hotel bathroom, it’s the one dignity I allow myself: I need to unpack all my toiletries and lay them out. 


AGG dopp kit

Her jet-ready “medicine cabinet” essentials. 

I travel with a silk eye mask which I love, I also use it when I’m at home. It’s from the brand Slip. I have a couple of Tracie Martyn products that I really love, and I use an Olay moisturizer that has an SPF in it. I also always bring a retinol cream, my makeup, and my jewelry — I never leave the house without a pair of earrings on. 

I get really bad headaches but when you’re traveling and working that’s not an option. If I have a migraine my natural solution is to slather a ton of tiger balm all over my head, but then I also add Excedrin Migraine, which saves me every time. I also bring zit patches. My friend who hosts the show that I produce turned me on to zit patches and I’ll wear them in public because I don’t give any f**ks. 

A supplement she swears by. 

I take B12 during the day if I’m feeling tired. I used to be addicted to coffee, and B12 is meant to give you a good boost like coffee does. Sometimes when you’re traveling in a foreign country you don’t love the coffee, or you don’t have time to take a coffee break, and the B12 is really just like an energy booster as far as I understand it. I started taking it about a year ago and I use it really sparingly, but it makes me feel better to know that it’s there. 

How she takes care of herself on flights.  

Wipes are your best friend. I definitely Purell regularly. I wipe down the back of the seat (I’m one of those people), I wipe down the arm rest and the screen. And when I’m on the actual flight my boyfriend and I always look like we’ve been in a horrible car accident, because we use these neck pillows that look like neck braces. The neck pillow we use is called the Trtl. In terms of feeling fresh, I try to plan my 12 hours before the flight as if I’m living in the time zone of where I’m going. If I’m getting on a flight, even if it’s night time, I try and stay up for the first eight hours. I’ve been on 16 and a half hour flights and you really have to pace yourself. I also started wearing compression socks on flights. My boyfriend wants me to wear just one to test them but I refuse because I know they work. Why would I show up with one swollen ankle?

The one product she thinks every traveler must pack. 

A moisturizer with an SPF in itand B12!  

Her personal philosophy to health and wellness. 

Everything in moderation. I never deprive myself of an experience, but feeling healthy is the most important thing and you should do whatever works for you. I can’t prosthelytize because I really am taking it one day at a time. There’s no right way to do things, it’s whatever works for you as an individual. 

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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