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What's In Your Medicine Cabinet: Holly Owens

The Cabinet — 01.29.21
by Paulina Murchie

Holly Owens is a successful model and the founder of wellness brand @WellthyBelly. She started the account in 2016 after she was diagnosed with Lyme disease as a way to share her nontraditional healing journey using BVT (Bee Venom Therapy).

Since then, her fanbase has grown into a community of like-minded individuals, coming together to find holistic beauty, clean skincare, nutrition and household products.

So how does she juggle her fast paced lifestyle while maintaining her health? Holly gave Hilma a peek inside her medicine cabinet to share some of the ways she boosts her immune system while she’s on the go.

What's your health and wellness philosophy?

Find the balance, a healthy lifestyle isn’t black and white.

My philosophy has evolved as I’ve gone through my health and wellness journey. I’ve done a ton of research with a lot of trial and error as a way to get my life back. At the beginning, I felt that I had to be strict with diet, supplements and lifestyle but as I’ve progressed, I’ve realized it’s all about moderation. Recently, I’ve gotten better at paying attention to what my body is craving and tailoring to that.

Why do you choose to use natural health and wellness products?

When I was struggling to figure out why I was sick, I spoke to a lot of Western doctors who were quick to prescribe antibiotics without searching for the source of my illness. It seemed like they just wanted to put a bandaid on the problem. Shortly after that, I started looking into holistic healing and functional medicine trying to find the root cause of my symptoms. That research opened my eyes to the toxicity of the personal care items and home products I was using. Natural products are important to me to negate overexposure to pesticides, chemicals and hormone disruptors.

What's in your medicine cabinet?

When it comes to supplements, I’m a firm believer in less is more.

I like to take Hilma’s Immune Support packets, as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, digestive enzymes and krill oil (to fight inflammation). I also love incorporating raw honey into my diet and I’m a big fan of CBD products for stress and anxiety.

What are your daily rituals to feel your best?

Throughout my childhood and most of my adult life, I have suffered from debilitating gut issues, which makes going to the bathroom a really important part of my daily ritual. I discovered a bed lean trick that helps to boost digestion. If you lean on the edge of your bed with light pressure on your lower abdomen for about 10 minutes really helps to move things along.

How do you think about nutrition?

In terms of diet, I tend to stay away from processed foods, refined sugars, and bread.

I like to opt for more nourishing, gut healing foods like bone broth, collagen and fresh vegetables if they are available. When traveling, I make sure to bring healthy snacks on the plane with me like almond butter, plant based protein packets, nuts and seeds so I can avoid unhealthy airport food.

What does fitness mean to you?

Exercise is number one for my mental health because it allows me to connect to myself. Being active makes me feel more positive, inspired and productive. Initially, fitness started out as an unhealthy obsession because I was too focused on trying to be thin. Now it’s just for my enjoyment, it’s almost like therapy for me. Going for a walk outside or putting on some music and dancing around my bedroom really helps to clear my head.

Do you have any advice for those who want to live more naturally?

Start slow, try not to get overwhelmed.

When you are first starting to replace toxic products, it can be daunting to feel like you have to throw everything out. Pick one category and go from there. It’s also helpful to do some research to see what your options are in terms of pricing for natural products.

One thing to be cautious of is greenwashing. There are many brands claiming to be “natural” as a marketing tactic. One of my favorite non toxic brands is called Branch Basics. They offer refillable glass bottles with cleaning concentrate as a safe alternative to harsh chemicals.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

This information is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult a physician before treating any disorder.

Click here to learn more about Holly and visit her page, WellthyBelly.

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