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What's In Your Medicine Cabinet: Stephanie Hon

The Cabinet — 05.06.21
by Team Hilma

An image of Stephanie Hon

Steph Hon is a woman on the move— but somewhere between rock climbing and surfing, she found time to build cadence. We caught up with her for an inside look into what keeps her motivated, happy, and healthy.

Why did you start cadence? 

I started cadence because I really needed cadence. I was investing time and money into developing my personal wellness routine, and was traveling and out-and-about a ton. I was having to run to CVS/Sephora to buy wasteful single-use travel-sizes, leaving products I loved behind, and ultimately tossing everything into a giant cluttered ziploc. I looked at my beautiful reusable water bottle, and wondered why we don’t do the same for our wellness routines. 

We created cadence to meet at the intersection of intuitive and beautiful design, sustainable innovation, and never changing the routine of our communities. This is what I needed, and I am deeply happy to say my first trip with cadence in early 2020 was deeply calm and empowering. 

What are your top 3 medicine cabinet staples?

My cadence honeycombs (one for my weekly supplement routine, one for the shower, and one for my skincare), Bites bits, and Problem Solver from May Lindstrom.

What is your favorite Hilma product?

Indoor/Outdoor Support, since I have *terrible* reactions to pollen. I bring this with me everywhere in my capsules. It brings me peace of mind knowing I have what I need *and* I am making good choices about what I put in my body. 

What’s one natural ingredient you couldn’t live without?

Oregano Oil!

What are your wellness tips or tricks for when you’re constantly on the move (hopefully we’ll be able to safely travel/adventure again soon)?

You will always find me with warm water & a fanny pack...so I have everything I need on me :)

Your favorite place to experience nature?

I am a big rock climber and surfer, so anytime I am deep in the mountains or by the water I am deeply happy. 

What is bringing you that #getbetterfeeling right now? 

Getting out for half a day of rock climbing on the weekend, and then going out to a nice outdoor dinner (so lucky to be vaccinated!) is the perfect multitude of events that bring me joy...when I am not working :) 

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