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We joined forces with our friends at Tia to give you EXTRA SUPPORT this flu season. Get a sample of Hilma Immune Support with every FLU SHOT appointment at Tia—only for a limited time.

PLUS, we've compiled some helpful RESOURCES from our collective community of experts to keep you feeling your best.

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Tips to keep you feeling TIP TOP.

Tips to keep you feeling TIP TOP.


Healthy habits to give your IMMUNE SYSTEM extra support:


Food is medicine—get your essential nutrients from colorful fruits and veggies like berries, squash, broccoli, and
leafy greens.


During sleep, the body goes to work to repair damaged cells and DNA, fortifying and strengthening the immune system. Pro tip: go screen-free 30 minutes before heading to bed.


Movement stimulates the immune system—even a short walk can make a difference.


Stress can depress your immune system. Try meditation or deep breathing.


Immune Support is made with vitamin C, zinc, echinacea, turmeric, ivy extract, and ginger—and the flu shot boosts your immune system.

More on IMMUNE HEALTH from Hilma and Tia. 

More on IMMUNE HEALTH from Hilma and Tia.

Your Immune System, Explained

Dr. Neeta Ogden breaks down the science behind how the immune system functions and how to take care of yours.

Immunity at Tia

Why it's important to get a flu shot this season.

The Science Behind Consistent Sleep

We talked to Dr. Claudia Aguirre to understand why consistent sleep patterns are so important.

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How Exercise Supports Your Immune System

Why moving your body is so critical to building a robust defense, and some helpful ways to get started.

How Diet Can Impact Your Immune System

Dr. Paul Grewal helps digest the connection between healthy eating habits and your immune system.

The Science Behind Supplements

Dr. Aviva Romm explains how supplements can help fill in the gaps when your healthy habits might fall short.

The Effects of Stress on Your Immune System

The science behind how environmental stressors can trigger physical manifestations over time.

Start your routine with Hilma IMMUNE SUPPORT*

$60 $45 for a month's supply. Save more when you subscribe.

Start your routine with Hilma IMMUNE SUPPORT*

$45 for a month's supply.

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