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Hilma’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commitment

The Cabinet — 03.24.21
by Team Hilma


Systemic racism is an intractable part of the society in which we live and work, and racial inequity is an undeniable force in our workplaces, in our communities, and in our country. As a team and as a brand, we are dedicating ourselves to doing the work to acknowledge this problem, actively examine our behaviors, and fight systemic racism. We commit to taking the necessary steps to build an anti-racist and inclusive company. 

 Today, we’d like to take our commitment one step further and outline the actions we are taking to ensure our work on anti-racism and inclusivity will continue to be priorities for years to come. 

  1. Hiring: We recognize the need for strong Black and non-Black POC representation on our team, and we commit to a minimum goal of population parity representation at all levels of the company. We are a small team today, but we commit to upholding these representation goals as the company scales, and to ensuring fair and equitable representation and compensation from entry-level up. It is crucially important for us to set, monitor and report these goals today to ensure fair and equitable representation tomorrow. We will hold ourselves accountable via a Diversity & Inclusion Report we will review annually, beginning in 2021, comprising representation on our full-time Hilma team, extending to freelancers we work with on a routine basis, and also among our investors.
  2. Education: We commit to listening to, learning from, and sharing with our community. We will continue to foster an open dialogue, to educate ourselves internally about implicit bias and anti-racism, to share resources, and to amplify Black voices across our channels.
  3. Giving: We pledge to broaden our charitable giving to include racial justice and equity, specifically through access to healthcare. To that end, we will begin supporting the Loveland foundation, an organization that focuses on providing financial assistance to Black women and girls nationally seeking therapy. As a consumer health business, we’re proud to support a cause that promotes more equal access to healthcare among communities of color. We will also continue to support GrowNYC, which works to provide fresh produce and green spaces to low-income communities in New York City. 

Without deliberate effort to change, systemic racism will continue. We are grateful to have the opportunity to build this business and team according to values that promote equality and opportunity--it is important to us to use our platform to contribute to progress, however small our part is in it. These efforts are where we will start, and we encourage everyone to hold each other accountable to action in the coming months and years. Ensuring that this commitment translates into action is an ongoing and collectively-held responsibility, so we welcome your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions on how to strengthen this effort. There is much more work for us to do.

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