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What's In Your Medicine Cabinet: Priscilla Tsai

The Cabinet — 03.23.21
by Team Hilma

We chatted with Cocokind founder and CEO, Priscilla Tsai, about her approach to all things wellness and skincare. 

Why did you start cocokind?

I’ve always struggled with hormonal and cystic acne. In my 20s, I was on several different prescription medications, and my skin was technically clear but incredibly dry and sensitive from all of the harsh treatments I was using.

I was positive that there had to be another way, which is why I started doing my own research. I discovered incredible superfood ingredients, like turmeric and matcha, that were gentle, nourishing, AND effective. Ultimately I cared about creating a better underlying business and product than what currently existed, prioritizing what was IN the bottle (not the bottle itself), sustainability, accessibility, and making customers feel GOOD. And that was where it all started. 

What are your top 3 medicine cabinet staples?

Definitely our revitalizing eye cream, mymatcha all-over moisture stick, and daily SPF. But if there’s one step I absolutely NEVER skip, it’s SPF!

What is your favorite Hilma product and when do you use it?

I love Immune Support! I drink it often, but especially when I feel like I’m on the verge of getting sick.

Can you talk about how wellness is linked to skincare? 

Wellness is highly individual and looks different to everyone. I personally think that being “well” should mean practicing routines and habits that make you feel good in your body, your skin, and your mind. For some, myself included, skincare is a great wellness practice. For others, not so much. And that’s totally fine! 

What are your favorite natural ingredients for skincare?

Matcha and turmeric are big ones at cocokind! Matcha is super rich in antioxidants, as well as caffeine, which helps energize skin. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, and is great for reducing the look of blemishes and dark spots.


Your best kept secret for healthy skin?

Not a secret, but I think toning is super important because it helps balance your skin’s pH! And a balanced pH is crucial for healthy skin. 

Tell us about your skincare and wellness routine.

I cleanse, tone, moisturize and apply SPF, every morning and night without fail. I usually use our oil to milk cleanser, rosewater toner, texture smoothing cream, and daily SPF but I’ll switch it up depending on how my skin is feeling on a particular day. In terms of wellness, I really try to prioritize rest and make sure I get some fresh air (with a mask on, of course) every day.

What is bringing you that #getbetterfeeling right now?

I just had a baby in February! Spending time with him is 100% the most fulfilling and important thing to me.

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