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What's In Your Medicine Cabinet: Lilian Martinez

The Cabinet — 11.07.23
by Team Hilma

Lilian Martinez in her home

 My name is Lil. I’m a visual artist. I have an art practice focused on painting and drawing. And I’m a designer for my brand BFGF. Through BFGF I offer accessible and functional art objects. I’m interested in making art more approachable :)

What inspires your work? 
I’m inspired by nature, comfort and humor. I love using soft bold colors. And representing women of color in an art and design space.

What Hilma ingredients are you most drawn to/inspired by?
I was excited to draw an artichoke! Also, I love Chamomile. 

What is your personal wellness routine as a creative? 
Making time for rest and inspiration is important to me. Eating food that is comforting and spending time in nature.

What makes you feel your most creative?

I don’t think I’ve ever charted this actually. When I make work I think of it as inspiration rather than creativity.

I think you can be creative outside of an art setting. So I guess when I use a tool in my “personal tool box” I feel creative. When I figure out a solution to something I feel creative. It can be something small or big. 

Any favorite gut health tips or practices?
I found this kefir soda I really loved called Tibi, but they only sell it in Utah and online. I like the cherry coconut one. I feel grounded when I eat rice and beans.   

What does “go with your gut” mean to you?
Follow your intuition, and feel your feelings. Be your own guide and take care of yourself.

Tell us about your inspiration and creative process behind the Hilma Holiday 2023 collaboration!
I tried to bring the creative brief into my world and approach it using my design language. I included artichoke, lemon, chamomile, camu camu, and turmeric alongside other organic shapes, drawn in Hilma’s signature color palette. I tried to create an intuitive spatial balance between the drawings and the text.  

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