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Hilma x Acid League Gut-Friendly Pantry Kit

Hilma x Acid League Gut-Friendly Pantry Kit

Meet the Hilma x Acid League Gut-Friendly Pantry Kit. A group of good gut essentials that infuse creativity into your meals, and help you digest them!


  • Gas + Bloat Relief: Relieves gas and bloating in the moment.
  • Dairy + Gluten Digestive Enzymes: Aids digestion and reduces gas from dairy + gluten. 
  • Berry Balsamic Vinegar: Rich, luxurious, and just plain delicious. Raspberries and blackberries bring both extra acidity and a touch of fruity sweetness to the classic balsamic flavors.
  • Meyer Lemon Honey Vinegar: Fresh Meyer lemon bursts out of the bottle, rounded out by honey and intertwining acidity from both the lemon juice and the unfiltered vinegar fermentation.
  • FREE GIFT: Sugar-Free, Prebiotic Lemon Meringue Gum to freshen up after your meal

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Powerful Natural Ingredients The highest quality plants and minerals.
Formulated By Experts Created by world-class MDs, PHDs, and herbalists.
Research-Driven Supported by clinical studies.
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