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Clinical Studies 101

The Cabinet — 11.07.19
by Dr. Soyona Rafatjah, Nina Mullen, Hilary Quartner, and Lily Galef

At Hilma, we’ve created a new category of carethe clinical herbal. This means we formulate with clinicians (doctors and scientists), only use ingredients that have clinical research behind them, and run clinical studies on each of our unique formulations. But let’s back up a bitwhat does “clinical” actually mean, and what is a clinical study? Here, we break down exactly that, and explain why we’ve chosen to study our products in this way. 

Scientific research is conducted using several different approaches, with clinical trials considered the most scientifically objective. A clinical study or trial simply means that humans volunteer to be studied while trying a new treatment or product. This is different than other types of research, which can be done in a lab or in a petri dish. There are two main types of clinical trials: 

    1. Single-group studies: A form of trial in which people meeting pre-defined criteria are provided the test product and monitored for responses. A single-group study is often considered the baseline for product performance and can be compared to historical placebo or alternative product performance.  
    2. Randomized-controlled trials (RCT): The gold standard research model  a trial in which people meeting pre-defined criteria are randomized to consume either the test product (e.g., natural health product), a control, or placebo. 

At Hilma, we’ve chosen to do single-group studies on each of our products to establish a baseline and demonstrate product benefits.

Small companies like ours can't always afford to do their own research. But we believe that when it comes to your health, we can’t afford not to. When brands like us contribute to clinical research on the benefits of natural remedies, everyone benefits.

And the results are in. We ran clinical studies on all three of our products and found:

No guesswork. No wondering whether what's in your medicine cabinet actually delivers results. When you get Hilma, you know what you’re getting.

Want to learn more about our approach? You can read more on our studies here.

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