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What "Natural Remedies, Backed by Science" Means To Us

The Cabinet — 11.07.19


"Backed by science" is a core value at Hilma. Research is at the forefront of our product development process, so when we say we’re "backed by science", we’re able to show our work. Here’s what that means to us:  

Formulating With Experts

Given the demands for transparency and evidence among consumers and practitioners, we knew Hilma needed a strong, scientifically-grounded formulation process to ensure that our products were well-researched and effective. We recruited a team of experienced scientific advisors, and we are thrilled to have the diverse perspectives of two MDs, a PhD, and an ethnobotanist and herbalist (Dr. Aviva Romm, Dr. Paul Grewal, Dr. Claudia Aguirre, and Kerry Hughes).  Together, these experts have over 70 cumulative years of experience in the holistic health field and have published over 10 books and hundreds of articles.

Leading With Research

Hilma has developed a rigorous product development process which starts with our herbalist’s full review of existing research to identify possible options for a given product formulation.  After the top ingredient contenders are identified, the information is provided to Hilma’s team of advisors for their review. Through back-and-forth discussions with experts on the efficacy and quality of each formula, the final formula is developed. 

Going The Extra Mile 

During our formulation process we were able to draw from the strong bank of research on natural ingredients that already exists, but more is still needed. The landscape today is shifting, as patients are asking for more information on natural options, and doctors and scientists are looking for ways to stay informed. We believe more companies should help fill these gaps and contribute to the broader knowledge base on natural products.  

Given the range of challenges inherent to researching natural products, it is not a surprise that more companies choose to rely solely on existing research rather than conduct their own studies. Hilma is proud to announce that we are currently invested in running single-group clinical studies on each of our three launch products. We hope to use the results of our trials to not only provide consumers with more information on our products, but also to contribute to the conversation around the research and efficacy of natural products more broadly. We are inspired by furthering scientific understanding of the healing properties of plants that grow all around us, and we are proud and committed to sharing our research plans and findings. That is why we have also committed to register our full clinical trials prospectively on clinicaltrials.gov in order to assure transparency in our studies. Neither doing this clinical research, nor registering the studies, is required by law for herbal supplements, but we do it as part of our promise to our customers, and commitment to increasing the body of scientific knowledge in this field.

Read our published white paper outlining our scientific commitment. 

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