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Hilma is now Clean Label Project™ certified!

The Cabinet — 08.11.20
by Hilma Team

At Hilma, product quality is our #1 focus. We evaluate every ingredient and its source before putting it into our products. We triple check our facilities. We run our own tests on all of our products to make sure they live up to our promises. We know that what is NOT on the label can be just as important as what IS on the label. 

Beyond our own testing, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Clean Label Project™ as part of our commitment to safety and quality. We’re excited to share that our products are now Clean Label Project™ certified.

What is the Clean Label Project™?

The Clean Label Project™ aims to bring truth and transparency to consumer product labeling and give consumers information they can’t find on a standard product label. 

Even the savviest label-readers cannot find information about heavy metals, plasticizers or pesticide residues on the products they buy. Why? Because that information is not thoroughly regulated or required on label claims. That’s where The Clean Label Project™ comes in. The Clean Label Project™ certification evaluates products for these substances that have the long-term potential to adversely affect your health and well-being. 

So when you see the Clean Label Project™ stamp, you don’t have to look any further. You can feel good knowing that products with this certification have been independently sampled, independently tested, and certified to be compliant to Clean Label Project’s strict Code Practice.  

What is the Clean Label Project™ testing?

Through unannounced sampling and testing, the Clean Label Project™ tests products for environmental and industrial contaminants that can enter products at different stages of the supply chain. These contaminants are not regularly or precisely tested by federal authorities, and their effects on the body may only be apparent after many years of repeated low-level exposure. 

The Clean Label Project tests for more than 130 contaminants including:

The Clean Label Project fills in the gaps not covered by other certifications.

Why are contaminants sneaking into our products?

Because of societal choices around mining, fracking, industrial agriculture, and intensive food manufacturing, industrial and environmental contaminants can find their way into finished products. At Hilma, we believe that what gets measured, gets done. In the absence of federal regulation requiring this level of robust testing, we are holding ourselves accountable to help protect you and ourselves (because we are Hilma consumers, too!).

Current food safety regulations in the manufacturing process are primarily focused on microbiological contaminants  like Salmonella or E.Coli which have an immediate effect on consumer health. However, some environmental and industrial contaminants can take years of repeated low level exposure to have an impact, but that impact can come in the form of:

While microbiological contaminants can be destroyed through high heat, some contaminants cannot. So the responsibility is on companies to avoid them from the outset. We take this responsibility seriously, and that is why we’ve committed to taking this extra step to get our products certified with The Clean Label Project™. 

Interested in learning more? You can read more, and search for more certified products in other categories like food and beverages, cleaning supplies and personal care products here.

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